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TEATRE: I Wrens di Dan Colley


An odd collection of tricksters live in the gorse bushes at the edge of the town. They’re best left alone, the townsfolk say. We’ve nothing to do with them. What they don’t say is; except the odd healing spell, love cure, hair-cut, or to burn them out of their nests once a year. This magic-realist piece for audiences aged 8+ is a poignant, funny, and wildly speculative interpretation of history and myths.

A new piece from Dan Colley (A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Lost Lear) is bound to captivate and inspire.

Co-commissioned by Draiocht and co-produced by Riverbank Arts Centre, supported both by Fishamble’s New Play Clinic and The Ark; funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.



Scrittu by Dan Colley, with Osaro Azama, Venetia Bowe, Karen McCartney & Maeve Stone

Music by Maeve Stone

Direttatu by Dan Colley

Produttu by Matthew Smyth

Eseguitu da Osaro Azams, Venetia Bowe & Karen McCartney
Set and Costume Design Molly O’Cathain

Disegnu di u sonu Alma Kelliher

Cuncepimentu di Illuminazione Suzie Cummins

Dramaturg Amanda Piesse

Costume Supervisor/ Assistant Costume Designer  Saoirse O’Shea

Hair and Makeup Design Michelle Ruane

Direttore di scena Evie McGuinness

Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Purcell

Chief LX Adrian Moylan

Capu Producteur Eoin Kilkenny

Graphic Design Sarah Moloney


April 22, 2023
2: 00 pm - 3: 00 pm UTC


Riverbank Arts Center
Main Street
Cuntinu Kildare
W12 D962



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