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Kildare Jazz Festival: Bianca Gannon


Described by JOLT as “redefining the idiom”, Bianca Gannon is a multidisciplinary art music composer and improviser. Exploring the surprising parallels and connections between seemingly disparate concepts, her free improvisations and instant-compositions traverse time, form and genre. The other-worldly extended harmonies and tunings of simultaneous piano + gamelan + singing bowls create an ethereal lyricism layered with pulsating difference tones. Unique timbres, ritualistic rhythms, jazz grooves and post-classical references resonate in an expansive timelessness. A recipient of the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship, her Indonesian field-research and collaborations inform her music in surprising ways. Selected by Improvised Music Company as a 30/30 Artist – one of Ireland’s outstanding improvisers, Bianca has toured her solo improv act across Australia, USA, Canada and Ireland. Her debut improv album with // without with Impermanence trio garnered a four-star review in the Sydney Morning Herald.


U Kildare Jazz Festival hè curatu da Kasia Eliasz è sustinutu da u Cunsigliu di l'Arti - Festival di Finanziamentu


Nuvembre 11, 2023
5: Chjuditura 00 UTC




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