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Kildare Jazz Festival: Workshop di Danza Afro-Braziliana cù Alessandra Azevedo


Afro-Brazilian dance is a joyful form of expression developed from African rhythms & movements. The natural rhythm of a diaspora culture combined with their Yoruba roots took on their own unique forms, transmitted orally through the resilience & powerful spirit of a community.

We will be dancing Samba-Reggae, Ijexá and other exciting rhythms from the north of Brazil.

This will be a 60 min long workshop Introduction to Afro-Brazilian Dance covering a variety of techniques and choreography. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water & a towel as this is a cardio-heavy class!

Alessandra Azevedo is an Afro-Brazilian artist and dance facilitator from Salvador, living in Ireland since 2015. She is an ambassador for Afro-Brazilian culture and is supported by Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin Dance festival & The Arts Council.

Please note that this is an adult workshop.

U Kildare Jazz Festival hè curatu da Kasia Eliasz è sustinutu da u Cunsigliu di l'Arti - Festival di Finanziamentu


Nuvembre 12, 2023
12: Chjuditura 30 UTC




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