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A Cast of Paintings - Una mostra di Brenda Brady


“The most familiar space, the one that has been the stimulus for much artistic enquiry, be it visual or otherwise, has been the domestic. Our earliest and most formative experiences are shaped or re-framed at different times and for different reasons as a kind of ‘visual laboratory’.” - Brenda Brady

A Cast of Paintings features small works on canvas made within a typical domestic atmosphere. The making process is imbued with a contemplative sensibility, looking and finding subtle variations, built up surfaces, layers added or painted over. For Brady, painting is not just a visual phenomenon but a bodily and haptic experience. Her work does not look outwards but concentrates on the interior and intimate engagement with plant forms, collected objects and the built environment.

À propos di l'Artistu
Brenda Brady lives and works in Kildare. MA Art and Research Collaboration (ARC) IADT Dun Laoghaire (2020) Group shows include – Unassembled, The Lab Gallery Dublin (2020) and 190th RHA Annual Exhibition

Official Opening – Saturday 25th February, 6pm – All Welcome
Panel Discussion – Saturday 11th March, 6:30pm

Galeria McKenna
Friday 24 February – Saturday 1 April
Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm | Saturday 10am-1pm
Admission Free


24 ferraghju 2023 à 9:30 am UTC
Aprile 1, 2023 à 1:00 pm UTC


Riverbank Arts Center
Main Street
Cuntinu Kildare
W12 D962



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